Development of your product in collaboration with P3D


P3D is a spin-off from Promolding. Due to this connection P3D has over 20 years of experience with the design of injection moulded products. With its experience in the PRIM technology, P3D is able to support its customers in the development and production of first prototypes  up to the final injection moulded product. Subsequently, Promolding can take on the mass production of your successful product.

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  3D-printen PRIM-mould

PRIM moulds are 3D-printed in Digital ABS with one of our Stratasys Objet 3D-printers. These 3D-printers are very accurate with a layer thickness of 0.016mm and a resolution of 600×600 dpi.

When printing in the standard, glossy print mode, the printing structure is visible in the mould and therefore also on the final products. If desired, the mould could be made matte at extra cost.